I am a content creator who is interested in modeling toys and wood crafts, making quality work plans for woodworking enthusiasts and workers, all work plans are designed at Kayu Nganjuk Studio. The name Kayunganjuk is taken from the word Kayu which means wood in Indonesian and Nganjuk is the name of the area in East Java, Indonesia where I live.

Here I post all the work I do like on my other social media accounts YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. The work plan that I made is very easy to understand even for a layman, there are complete step-by-step instructions accompanied by 3D drawings and pictures of accurate cut patterns on each part of a 1:1 scale. Many users from different countries have used my work plan. I always hope to provide good benefits for all of you and the entire world community.


greetings from Indonesia

Ibad Asrof